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Caroline Brusselmans

Caroline Brusselmans is a hematopathologist with over 20 years of experience working in the largest hematopathology center in Belgium. She created the first Belgian hematology atlas in 2006 while working at the University Hospitals Leuven. Since then, the original website has grown to an important reference for many different hematology residents. Caroline inspired the renewal of the hematoatlas and its English translation. She has developed many e-learning tutorials, lectures, interactive exercises, case reports, quizes, and didactic games focused on teaching cell morphology in cellular hematology.


Marc Van Ranst

Marc Van Ranst is the director of the hospital laboratory of the University Hospitals Leuven, chair of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Transplantation, and Head of the Laboratory of Clinical and Epidemiological Virology. Professor Van Ranst has published over 270 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and contributed chapters to six books on viral molecular evolution and bioinformatics. Van Ranst has been a key adviser to the Belgian government during the COVID-19 pandemic, building on his previous experience as Belgian flu commissioner and as commissioner for crisis management during the Mexican flu pandemic.


Carina Remijsen

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Jan Van Elslande

Jan Van Elslande (M.D.) worked at the University Hospitals Leuven from 2018-2021 while in training to become a laboratory medicine professional (US: “Clinical pathologist”, dutch: “klinisch bioloog”). Driven by his interest in both cytomorphology and technology, he worked on the several aspects of the renewed hematology atlas under supervision of Caroline Brusselmans.

Stefanie Lefever

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Thomas Strypens

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Tech Team

Matthieu Moisse

Matthieu obtained a PhD in medical sciences in 2015 and a master degree in Computational Engineering in 2010 both at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He has been as been active for over 10 years in the field of bio-informatics, with a focus on cancer and neurology. During this time he developed multiple software pipelines for biomedical data analysis. He founded his first NGS consulting company, GenAdvice, in 2016 and became a co-founder of Unicle Biomedical Data Sciencein 2020. Matthieu is in charge of building the UniApp and hematoatlas software architecture and leads a team of software developers.

Dávid Gyurkó

David is a software engineer at Unicle Biomedical Data Science with expertise in data workflow management, machine learning, web app development and app deployment, as well as running apps using serverless architecture. David is instrumental in custom-tailoring web applications and making them easy to use as well as analytically powerful. David has implemented major functionality for the hematoatlas and is currently co-maintaining the application.

Project development & Sustainability

Jermaine Goveia

Jermaine was trained as a molecular biologist at the University of Amsterdam and as a physician-scientist at Utrecht University, both in The Netherlands. He performed research internships at the laboratory of Rakesh Jain at Harvard Medical School and clinical clerkships in pathology at the Mass General Hospital, Boston. Thereafter, he pursued a PhD in single cell analysis in the laboratory of Peter Carmeliet and started residency in clinical pathology at the UZ Leuven (Belgium) before co-founding Unicle Biomedical Data Science in 2020. He works as strategic manager to align software development with the requirements of hematopathologists.

Jasper Smink

Jasper is an experienced management consultant with an entrepreneurial mindset devoted to challenge the status quo. He holds a MSc in Business studies from the University of Amsterdam and founded his first company in 2008. In 2014, he started his career as a strategic management consultant supporting business (both corporates and scale-ups) to realize their transformation ambitions and improve performance. Jasper is business development manager at Unicle Biomedical Data Science and contributes to the further development of the hematoatlas, by ensuring that the atlas and associated services are tailored to maximize your success.